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Job Opening: Farmers Market Manager

Posting: SustainFloyd Foundation seeks to enter into a contract for services with a new Manager for its Farmers Market. The services include managing all aspects of the Floyd Farmers Market enterprise; being an advocate for the market and for its host the SustainFloyd Foundation, such that this enterprise is a source of pride for the vendors, the customers, the community at large and the sponsors. Toward this; the Market Manager will be hired by, and work closely with, the SFF Farmers Market Committee. The committee will provide direction, support and guidance to the Market Manager who will attend committee meetings 5-6 times a year.

The Floyd Farmers Market is a seasonal project with the most demanding efforts required from May through November. However, there is significant off-season work as well: Wrapping-up the season and preparing for the new season. Fundraising and promotion, coordinating with volunteers, vetting and convening meetings with vendors, maintaining social media outlets, etc.

General Duties:

  • Recruit and jury new vendors for the Saturday Market.
  • Hold vendor meetings as necessary.
  • Monitor compliance with relevant regulations and codes and permits.
  • Be an advocate for the vendors; make stall assignments, coordinate vendor activities, enforce market rules, be a problem solver.
  • Help create an annual budget for the project, submit weekly financial forms, make deposits and follow the SFF accounting system currently in place.
  • Work closely with the SFF bookkeeper to maintain accurate records and data.
  • Manage the SNAP/EBT program at the market.
  • Manage special events, workshops and entertainment related to the Market
  • Take on special projects as directed by the SFF committee.
  • Fundraising: Work with the SFF FM Committee to maintain existing sponsors and develop new ones.

Market-Day Tasks:

  • Direct activities on Market-day. Be the first person to arrive and set up the market, and the last to leave, leaving it cleaned up with equipment and tables put away.
  • Handle emergencies and complaints.
  • Serve as the quality control person for products, as well as for the market’s general appearance and cleanliness.
  • Coordinate SNAP/EBT program with customers, vendors and volunteers.
  • Maintain the information booth, guest book, recipe postings, selling FM merchandise, etc.
  • Keep a market log.

Communication, Promotion and Networking Tasks:

  • Write content and send / post weekly market updates via Farmers market email newsletter, Farmers market facebook page, Farmers market website.
  • Write press releases for the Floyd Press with updates about Farmers Market
  • Represent the market in the Floyd community and to the media.
  • Build positive relations with customers and partners.
  • Maintain communications with town and county officials, health inspectors and others connected with the market.
  • Maintain an active social media presence.
  • Create an annual calendar of events.
  • Develop new promotional ideas.

Much of this work is currently being done and in place but the New Market Manager is will be expected to both maintain and enhance the Market.

Submit cover letter and resume via e-mail to, or by delivery to 203 South Locust Street, Suite H, Floyd VA 24091.   Deadline for submission is February 6, 2017.  SustainFloyd is an equal opportunity employer.

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The Floyd Farmers Market is held every Saturday from mid-May through October, with a special Holiday Market in November — held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.