buffalo mountain kombucha


Our kombucha is hand crafted in very small micro batches, fermented in glass vessels and infused with mantras & meditative intentions.

We Brew with Yerba Mate!

Yerba mate is a tropical plant rich in amino acids and polyphenols that balance the effects of its caffeine content – making the yerba “buzz” smooth with no coffee crash.   Yerba mate also contains minerals to support nervous system function and B-vitamins to relax muscles producing a balanced, long lasting physical AND mental stimulator.

Traditionally, natives of South America, where the tropical plant grows, have used yerba mate as a digestive aid.

What better ingredient to add to an already amazing digestive boosting drink like kombucha?

Our Ingredients

We take great care to add the most nutritionally dense, organic, high quality  ingredients to our kombucha.  Each medicinal flower, superfruit and root is sourced from the most trusted resource that we can find.  *You can find the following powerhouses of nutrition in our kombucha: Goji Berries, Elderberries, Pomegranate and Ginger.

elderberry-text ginger-fizz-text2 pomegranate-text

Gift of Life • Manchurian Tea • Russian flower

The many names of Kombucha are rooted in Asian and Russian healing traditions. Full of living organisms, kombucha plays a role in strengthening the immune system, detoxifying the circulatory system, and rejuvenating kidney function.  Raw, unpasteurized kombucha has a bounty of probiotics and enzymes: powerful tools that promote a vigorous digestive tract.

  Bring well being into your life with our living, health-giving fermented tea elixir.

Reach for and reveal YOUR highest potential!

At Buffalo Mountain Kombucha we follow the principles of Sacred Commerce.  Excited by Matthew and Terces Engelhart’s book Sacred Commerce, we created Buffalo Mountain Kombucha out of the desire to use our business as a vehicle for self-actualization.  The books speaks of heart-centered communication and creating relationships as a vehicle to awaken.  By allowing our community as a whole to be part of our business model, from inception to daily practices, we are creating a collaboration of conscious raising experiences.  We rely on one another in business decisions and look out for each other as family.  We weigh each decision with intention, integrity and with the larger lens of community.