Farmers Market Manager Position

SustainFloyd Foundation Farmers Market Manager

Job Description, September 2023


SustainFloyd Foundation, an environmental non-profit located in Floyd Virginia, is seeking to hire a manager for the Floyd Farmers Market. The activities include managing all aspects of the Farmers Market enterprise; being an advocate for market vendors, customers, sponsors and for the SustainFloyd Foundation. The manager will be given direction and support by the Floyd Farmers market committee.

The FFM is a seasonal project with the most demanding efforts required from April through November. However, there will be activities year-round and the job could average 15-20 hours a week depending on the scope of work undertaken, (see below). The work can be accomplished by about ½ on-site and about ½ from a home computer. This position pays an hourly wage of $18-20/hr. depending on experience.

General Duties:

  • Help recruit and jury vendors for the Saturday Market.
  • Hold vendor meetings when necessary.
  • Monitor compliance with relevant regulations and codes and permits.
  • Make stall assignments, coordinate vendor activities, enforce market rules, be an advocate and problem solver.  
  • Submit weekly financial forms, make deposits and follow the SFF accounting system currently in place. Work closely with the SFF bookkeeper.  
  • Manage the SNAP/EBT program at the market.
  • Create and Manage special events, workshops and entertainment related to the Market.
  • Fundraising: Work with the SFF FM Committee to maintain existing sponsors and develop new ones.

Market-Day Tasks:

  • Direct activities on Saturday Market-day. Be the first person to arrive and the last to leave. 
  • Handle emergencies and complaints.
  • Serve as the quality control person for products, as well as for the market’s general appearance and cleanliness.
  • Coordinate SNAP/EBT program with customers, vendors and volunteers.
  • Keep a presence at the information table for Q & A.
  • Coordinate work with volunteers.

Communication, Promotion and Networking Tasks:

  • Write content and send / post weekly market updates via Farmers market email newsletter, Farmers market Facebook page, Instagram, Farmers market website.
  • Write press releases when necessary and represent the market in the Floyd community and to the media.
  • Build positive relations with customers and partners.
  • Maintain communications with local government officials, health inspectors and others, occasionally when needed.
  • Keep social media platforms current.
  • Create an annual calendar of events.
  • Occasional updates for the SF board of directors.
  • Help SF develop an on-line Farmers Market.  
  • Develop new promotional ideas.

Additional Opportunities:

  • The Farmers Market Manager could also assist SustainFloyd with other special projects if it’s a good fit. For example; assist volunteers answer mail, doing fundraising, helping create newsletters and social media posts, and helping organize and assisting with special projects.
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