highland farm

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Haden & Kathy Dulaney    *    hkdulaney@swva.net

540.763.3090    *    916 Berry Hill Road / Riner, Va 24149

Highland Farm is located in the Alum Ridge area of Beautiful Floyd County, Virginia.  With 85 acres of rolling hills the land is very conducive to the Highland Breed, who like to forage and are accustomed to the hilly landscape.

We have redeveloped the farm, which has been run by the Dulaney family for four generations. With new water system and fencing in place, our streams and woodlands are fenced out from the cattle. We continue to redevelop native pasture grasses in order to rotational graze.   This practice provides more nutrition for the stock, controls parasites and eliminates the need for chemical fertilizer, paving the path to an Organic Farm and a healthier product and environment.

We apply the highest standards of livestock management and welfare to our animals without the use of unnecessary antibiotic or growth hormones.  Our farming system is environmentally friendly which benefits wildlife and biodiversity.

When you buy from us, you do so with the fullest confidence that you are buying the best that nature and Highland Farm can provide.        click for nutrition facts & cooking tips

About our Pork

Our pork comes from a heritage breed of hogs called Tamworth.  The Tamworth breed originated in central England.  Known as the Irish Grazer, the long and lean Tamworth is perhaps the most direct descendant of the native hog population of northern Europe.  The breed was brought to America in 1882. Our hogs are pasture raised, and given no growth hormones or antibiotics, producing naturally lean, quality meat.  A high quality, non-GMO grain mixture is fed for herd management.   Whole and Halves can be purchased at $3.75 per pound hanging weight of the hog.

About our Poultry

We raise and process whole chickens and turkeys.  Our birds are pastured and fed an all natural non GMO, freshly milled grain for broilers. These birds are available May through November.  Email or call if you would like to be placed on our list to contact you when we are processing birds.  They will be available to pick up fresh the day of processing or frozen for pick up at a later date.  The whole broilers will range from 3.5 to 6 lbs. at $4.50 per pound. Turkeys will range from 10 to 22 lbs. at $4.00 per pound

About our Beefhighland calf

Highland Beef is outstanding for its flavor, tenderness and fine texture, all attributable to a combination of factors. . . the breed itself, a grass based diet, good management and correct handling of the carcass.  This includes USDA inspection and ensuring that the sides of beef are dry aged for a minimum of three weeks before cutting.  Lean and low in cholesterol, the beef carries just the right amount of marbling through the meat to give that succulence and flavor so typical of old fashioned traditional beef. Indivdual pieces sold at the Floyd Farmer’s Market.   Quarters and halves of beef may be purchased at $4.25 per pound hanging weight of the cow. This includes USDA inspection, processing and vacuum packaging. Please call or email for further information.

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