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I-TAL ACREs: Cultivating Expansive Hearts and Open MindsITAL Logo2 copy

Maya & Ed  *  540-553-4023  *

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Floyd County, ITAL ACRES is a small family herb pharm and food forest dedicated to being the change we wish to see in the world.

At ITAL ACRES we seed, grow, and prepare all of our plants lunar-organically for the benefit of the planet and all of her inhabitants. We specialize in rare, edible, and medicinal plants; growing only heirlooms and open pollinated varieties, no F1 hybrids or GMOs.

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For those looking for a flavor booster for pretty much anything, consider the sweet-heat of our Caribbean Fyah Sauce. A mango-habanero-scotch bonnet pepper sauce, made with our own ital grown hot peppers, that compliments an amazing array of foods.

DSC04497aItal Products

Ital Vegetable Descriptions


In addition to the over 90 fruit trees, shrubs, canes, and vines we have planted in our food forest, we also cultivate over 75 different species of medicinal herbs. Many of these herbs we offer at the Floyd Farmers Market. Other herbs cultivated at our herb pharm, but not offered at the market, we are glad to propagate upon request.

While we do not diagnose or treat ailments, we are passionate about the human-plant relationship and making these amazing plants and their historical uses known and available at a very reasonable cost. All of our herbals are prepared with our own ital grown herbs and loving vibrations to help and heal all. We also offer our own line of bath and body products; from bath salts and sugar scrubs, to herbal deodorant and aromatherapy sprays and oils. Please contact Maya or Ed with any questions or to arrange a visit. Plant more herbs, plant more trees.ITAL Logo1 copy

Let Your Food Be Your Medicine & Your Medicine Be Your Food.   May Peace Prevail on Earth – One Perfect Love. Positive Vibrations. We are One Family. May Peace Prevail on Earth.           One Perfect Love.

What is I-tal (EYE-tal)?

Ital comes from the island of Jamaica, straight from the heart of Rastafari. Ital is Vital. Ital is organic. Ital is non-GMO. Ital is wild and free. Ital is holistic. Ital is non-linear. Ital is direct experience. Ital is infinite health. Ital is natural. Ital is vegan. Ital is sustainable. Ital is awareness. Ital is mindfulness. Ital is humility. Ital is gratitude. Ital is compassion. Ital is a positive vibration. Ital is infinite joy. Ital is spiritual oneness. Ital is absolute harmony. Ital is pure consciousness. Ital is profound love. Ital is divine wisdom. Ital is the Universe. Ital is your birthright. Ital is You!



One thought on “ital acres

  1. Jolan says:

    Your chakra spritzers are simply divine. I’m almost out and need to get back to the farmer’s market to re-stock. Are they for purchase on your website or anywhere in Roanoke area? Just curious.

    Thank for making such magical products.


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